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With about 30 years of Energy industry experience, Milko Moussirou worked on Oil & Gas Exploration and Development Projects in several countries around the world. At an early stage of his career, Milko Moussirou worked for Shell in Gabon, NAM in the Netherlands and Shell Deep-water Services in Houston, Texas.

Milko Moussirou started his career in Exploration and quickly moved to Oil & Gas Field Development Studies (Technical & Economical evaluation of projects including PSC and Economic screening).

From 2007 to 2011, Milko Moussirou provided Integrated Field Development coaching and training to Shell International E&P and Total Energies; Thus training 150+ people on project integration across subsurface, well performance, production & process facilities, transport, comparing development concepts  at a technical, economical, commercial and operational levels.

In 2011, Milko Moussirou moved back to Gabon and helped launch Gabon Oil Company, a newly created State Company. From 3 people, Gabon Oil Company grew to more than 120 employees late 2013 with a full set of Exploration, Development and Production disciplines. In 2013 GOC became the first Gabonese Company to produce Oil in Gabon History, and generated more than 230 millions USD in revenues, achieving a country record of 15,7$/bbl in Opex for onshore brown field. GOC was also the first National Oil company in the world to operate a field and produce Hydrocarbons less than 2 years after being created.

In recent years ...

In December 2015, Milko Moussirou created Koval Petroleum that became Koval Energy in September 2017. Our consulting services focus on opportunity identification and projects feasibility studies in the Energy Transition sector, as well as field development studies in upstream Oil & Gas.


Photo credit © Petra Vlkova

In June 2022, Milko Moussirou stepped down from the company's Managing Director position. He decided to focus on new ventures in the Energy Transition sector (Hydrogen Production, Carbon Capture and PtX) while he remains Koval Energy's shareholder. LinkedIn Profile.

In July 2023, with the successful delivery of NortH2 Feasibility Study, Milko Moussirou helped the Danish Consulting Company Ramboll to be listed by Reuters Events as one of the top 10 consulting companies in the World bringing innovative solutions to the Energy Transition sector. >>>


After 14 months in the Nordics countries, Milko Moussirou is back to Prague this November 2023.

Awards ...

2004 - International RFI Net Africa award (Radio France International and the UNESCO)

2010-11 - Honored Member of the America Continental Who's who "Recognition of Excellence"

Giving back to the Community ...


In May 2016, Milko Moussirou started to support the Bongolo Hospital in the middle of the Forest in Gabon.

Each year, with his donation, ten patients can have a free cataract surgery and Milko Moussirou also partly supports the logistics need of the Medical Evacuation Team.

More about Bongolo Hospital >>>

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