Koval Energy is a Consulting Company focusing on Business Development in the Energy sector, Oil & Gas Field Development Studies, as well as dedicated to Renewable Energy Turn-key projects with transfer of technologies.

Koval Energy provides fit for purpose services to its clients, focusing on their objectives and taking carefully into account their operating environment.

Koval Energy Services

Oil & Gas - Consultancy

E&P Startup | Company Setup

Exploration & Integrated Field Development

Project Economics

Regulatory Framework & PSC

O&M and HSSE Procedures Implementation


Oil & Gas - Training

Oil & Gas Fundamentals

Integrated Field Development Planning

Project Economics

Regulatory Framework & PSC


Renewable Energy - Power Solutions

Micro-grid and off-grid projects

Wind & Solar

New Technologies

Alternative Energy Enabler

Business Development & Strategy


Fund Raising Enabler

Renewable Energy new Technologies

Renewable Energy projects


Koval Energy | Renewable Energy Business Approach

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